Halloween 2009

Again I am having to admit my failings as a parent. I don't have any pictures of Jillian or Hayden other than when they were carving pumpkins. They when to a party and then trick or treating with friends so they didn't come home til they were done. Good thin I wen to the parade and have some pictures in their costumes.

Jared left part of his Grandpa costume at school so we need to find a new costume. Good thing I buy Jillian's Dresses with room to grow. They fit him just PERFECT. The only thing I need to buy was his own tights. As you can see they are great for playing soccer in the house in. Jared worked the girl costume to the max. He took one of my purses as his trick or treat bag. He told me at one house they asked what he was dressed as. He said, "a GIRL". then the people started laughing so hard because they thought he WAS a girl. Owen is so proud.

Owen only had to take the two little one out this year. He was gone about a 1/2 hour and then he was done. Good thing they are cute and people drop extras in the bag because they came back with plenty. We only had 5 kids come by our house so, I am putting it out there, I AM NOT BUYING CANDY NEXT YEAR. We will have a dark house with no pumpkins so don't stop by. Next holiday, thanksgiving...here we come.

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Chicago Mom said...

You need to enlist your husband as photographer (or an older kid). I am so busy supervising everything that I never remember to take pictures either! By the way, we didn't carve out pumpkins 'til Friday night, so don't feel bad! What a great way to pass the time until it's dark!