Santa's Cookies

Christmas eve after dinner the kids and I sat down to make Santa's cookies. This was a good way to keep them from BoUnCiNg off the walls as we awaited the arrival of the big man. Actually the kids were really good. They made the cookies, posed for pictures is their new Christmas jammies for mom, attacked Owen and stole his socks, went to the basement made up their beds, came back up stairs and stole another pair of socks Owen had just put on, dog piled on Owen, had a tickle fight and finally decided to call it a night so Santa could come. All this by 8:30pm. Santa came some time in the night. And as I am sure my mom would say was payback, I heard the kids making noise and the TV in the basement and I rolled over to look at the clock. GUESS WHAT TIME IT WAS???? 3:30 AM.... yep THREE THIRTY IN THE MORNING. Needless to say I went down to tell them to turn it off and go back to sleep till the SUN came up. All in all a good Christmas at the Phillips house.

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Tabi said...

Yummy cookies!! We always had the rule of not being able to get up till 6am...now a days we have to actually WAKE UP our kids...thinking maybe one more year and they will be dragging us out of bed!