Happy Birthday StinkerBell

It is really hard for me to believe my baby is TWO. She is all girl. Santa brought her a purse full of goodies. Including her rocking sunglasses, her bling phone, bracelets and necklaces. SHE LOVES IT. She also loves her boots. She has one on but was distracted in showing off her other goodies to put the other one on. Sabrina just makes me laugh at how girly she is. Every morning her getting dressed routine includes me painting her finger nails and putting lip gloss on. Did I mention what a girl she is? I just love her. Happy Birthday Bree, I am glad you are part of our family every day.


Santa's Cookies

Christmas eve after dinner the kids and I sat down to make Santa's cookies. This was a good way to keep them from BoUnCiNg off the walls as we awaited the arrival of the big man. Actually the kids were really good. They made the cookies, posed for pictures is their new Christmas jammies for mom, attacked Owen and stole his socks, went to the basement made up their beds, came back up stairs and stole another pair of socks Owen had just put on, dog piled on Owen, had a tickle fight and finally decided to call it a night so Santa could come. All this by 8:30pm. Santa came some time in the night. And as I am sure my mom would say was payback, I heard the kids making noise and the TV in the basement and I rolled over to look at the clock. GUESS WHAT TIME IT WAS???? 3:30 AM.... yep THREE THIRTY IN THE MORNING. Needless to say I went down to tell them to turn it off and go back to sleep till the SUN came up. All in all a good Christmas at the Phillips house.


Did your living room BARF Christmas???

Yeah, our did too.


Merry Christmas 2009

I didn't get around to doing a holiday card and sending it out. If I had this would have been my picture. The kids in their new Christmas jammies on Christmas eve. Owen actually took about 20 pictures and this was the one that was the best of the most kids. Gavin,as usual, wouldn't stop talking long enough to smile. Now if I took the time to figure out Photoshop maybe I could have made the "perfect" picture. But this is a REAL snapshot of our FIVE crazy kids. I hope that everyone has a Merry Christmas.


Attention Stealer

At Gavin's program Sabrina would not stay away from the piano by the stage. Owen had a hard time focusing and taking pictures of Gavin because Sabrina was so funny. I have at least 6 clips of her playing and dancing. In this one, if you look close you can see Gavin performing in the back ground. (now it could be that it is hard for Owen & I to focus on the program because we have seen the same one EIGHT times... we will see it more once Sabrina starts at this preschool)

-Remember to pause the music on the left side bar when you play the video-


Gavin performs

Today was Gavin's holiday program. He did great. For the first time, all the big kids got to go and
which was fun. Gavin was so funny because we were in the front row he would talk to his siblings between each song. And if he wasn't talking to them, he was telling his teacher they were there and all about them. He was just SOOO proud.


Gavin turned FIVE

I can hardly believe my youngest son is 5. Lucky Gavin got to have two birthday parties while we were in California for Thanksgiving. One with my family and then one at Aunt Jenny and Uncle Brett house. I think that Nana and Papa enjoyed seeing a grandchild open and play with their present. This was the first time that has happened for them since Jared turned ONE. And as always all of the kids LOVE spending time with their cousins. 24 hours just wasn't enough time. I really hope that Jen and Brett decide to come for their annual trip up here between Christmas and New Years. The holidays just won't be the same without them and the kids.



So I am thinking that only kids who live in Utah and have to go to school in the morning when it is NINE degrees outside would think that it OK to put on bathing suits and go into the ocean on NOVEMBER 27th. Now I will say that it was a warmish day 68 degrees. But really.
- disclaimer: I was wedding dress shopping with Meghan so Owen was in charge of the kids activies for the day. YEP, all five of them.