Police & Fire Department

So we had a visit from both at our house today. I was unloading the stuff from Costco. Sabrina had only just fallen asleep, so I left her in her seat while I unloaded the car. Mean while, Gavin gets into the car and LOCKED the doors climbs out the back and I didn't see that part. When I am finished unloading, I close the back of the van to go around and to get out Sabrina and GUESS WHAT?? All the doors are locked. I am unable to find the spare key ANYWHERE in the house. So I had to call for help. On the plus side, Sabrina slept through the whole thing. Now I just have to find a way NOT to kill the FIVE year old child.


Tabi said...

Just remember you will laugh about this one day! Use it as payback when He gives you grandchildren one day!

Jessica said...


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