Family Day

We decided to torture the kids and make them spend the day together as a family. We drove along Mirror Lake highway, stopped at Provo River Falls, and even made it all the way to Mirror Lake. The bigger kids remember going a few years ago but it was new fun for the younger two. Mirror lake was new to everyone. It is a beautiful lake and lots of people were fishing. Which made the kids want to fish. So they found some line, a hook and even some bait and were trying their hand at "fishing". I am thinking we might need some "expert" help. Maybe we could try to talk Steph and Korey into bringing their gear and teaching MY city kids how to fish. Mirror Lake is such a beautiful setting I think I could bring my Kindle and be happy sitting and watching everyone fish.

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Teri said...

Beautiful pix. It is so great to take the kids out for a day together. These memories stick around forever.