Anyone can be hero


I know that this is normally a keeping up with the family place. But the other night on the ABC evening news I saw a piece on this organization. I think it is AMAZING and worth sharing. I often feel overwhelmed by the new lately and there is so much need I don't feel there is anything I can do. This site people put up all kinds of wishes for things that are wanted and thing that are needed for themselves and for other. You can look at the wishes and see if you can help. It ranges from the small, like a child wish for a toy, to the large help paying the rent or collage tuition. If you think you can help even a little you for to grant the wish or partial wish. That's it.

Today I help grant 2 wishes. I am giving away things I would have take to the DI (goodwill) anyway. All it is gong to cost me is a little postage and I have made a difference in someone life who really needed it.

Take a moment to take a look. Wish Upon A Hero


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