Here we go again

This cute girl spent at least 2 hours just crying and screaming at me this morning. Also, I have changed her bed very night for the last 4 nights. I decided it had to be something more than her just growing those oh so painful molars. Glad I listened to that mommy intuition she has 2 ear infections AGAIN. It hasn't even been 40 days since the last ear infection so we get to straight to the stronger antibiotic. Hopefully this is not the beginning of a pattern.


One Crazy Chick! said...

Yikes! We fought EI's with my son for 18 months straight, I feel your pain. It's been almost three years since he had tubes put in and not a single EI since. Hang in there (try to sneak in a nap, hahahaha I say like you don't have 1000 other things to do).

Shelle-BlokThoughts said...

I love that you pulled her blue eyes out and the blue shirt form that picture...LOVE IT!!!

I hate when kids are sick...so SAD...

If we didn't rely on Mother's Intuition we would be completely IN SANE!!!