Big Brother Gavin & Cute Sabrina

So these are some cute picture I took the other day while I was in here working on the computer. Sabrina know that if she just flashes her smile I get all gooey inside and pay attention to her. Gavin cannot resist the urge to come in a love on her if she is doen on the floor. He will just walk over and start kissing her. He tells her he loves her and the he thinks she is beautiful. If she by chance starts to fuss because she is done sitting in her chair, Gavin begins to sing her name in a song he has made up to her to get her to stop until I am ready to pick her up. I am going to have to find a way to try to get that on video.


Hatsuho said...

you guys make the cutest kids!

Massey Family said...

Your blog looks so cute, good job. Your kids are so cute! I have never seen your baby I need to come and see her.