Train Fun

This Saturday we all went for a train ride. There is a new fast commuter train that is running from Salt Lake to Ogden. It was free for vendors who worked on getting it ready. The trains
are the double decker kind, so of course, we road up on top. It was fun to see how much faster you could get to Aunt Heidi's, though this time we didn't get off. The train makes about five or six stops between here and Ogden. I think once Jared is a little older I would let him ride to Layton so he could spend the weekend. The kids had a great time standing up while it was going and acting like the were surfing. Jared spent the second half of the trip talking my cell phone with is cousin Taylor giving her a play by play and letting her hear the train' s whistle. All in all a fun & free Saturday adventure.

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Massey Family said...

What a fun experience for your kids to ride the train. As stupid as I am I had know idea it was that close to being done. Gavin is so adorable I seriously could steal him. Sister (Stacey) Nielsen came up to me and said, the same thing. It was really nice to see you and your cute baby today. Love all the pictures!