Park N Play

This Sunday when we got home from church, we found some aunts and uncles had come to visit. Heidi and her friend Megan, as well as, John and Nicole. So we all went to the park play, dogs too. All the kids played tennis. They took turns on the swings and played ball with the dogs. We are so lucky to have family that lives close and just drops by because they want to spend time with our family. Every time someone visits I think how blessed my kids are to have such close relationships with their aunts and uncles. Sometimes I am even jealous because I think that they love them more than me, but I know that is only because they are more fun.

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Massey Family said...

You are nice to take the kids to the park. I know I'm a horrible mother but, I don't enjoy the park. I really have to be in the mood for it :)