A day at the lake

We had planned on taking the kids up the the Kennecott Copper Mine. Who knew that they shut down the visitor center for the winter season. So on the fly, looking for something to do, we took the kids out to see the Great Salt Lake. It was REALLY fun. They thought Salt Air was a funny looking old building (we will go back in the summer when you can walk around). Hayden thought that the LAKE stunk, which I had to agree, but you get use to it pretty quick. It was fun to walk around and see the different types of sand and gunk that was at the shore. Even though it was a little chilly there were still boats going out of the marina and the kids thought that was cool too.

It was a fun just about free day and something that we want to share with family when the come in town and it isn't cold and snowy.


JANE said...

Great slideshow! I have always wanted to take the kids out west and the Great Salt Lake is one place I want to stop. But since we would start our journey here in Tn, and the Girl starts crying to go home within 30 mins, we might want to wait a few years!!

Teri said...

We took a 24 day family vacation out west 2 years ago. My husband grew up in Salt Lake City, so he showed us all the sights...including the Great Salt Lake.

Great photos!