SO remember...

last week when Owen took the camera for a few days and I didn't have it. I missed lots of WAY cute kid action. You want to see what he was taking pictures of????



Wasn't it totally worth him taking the camera???? Yeah, that's what I thought too.


JANE said...

LOL, those look exactly like the pictures my 6 yr. old makes!! The 2yr old hasn't learned to move her finger yet so those are sooooooo good also!! And the 12 yr old comes up with some interesting ones himself. Our 14 yr old went to Ireland on tour with his choir and came back with some lovely pictures of cars and round-abouts!!!!

Their grandmother is getting both of the young ones kids camera's for Christmas so then maybe I can have mine when I need it!!

Anonymous said...

Wow. The pictures are Awesome. He must be trying to get that job in a high profile trade magazine or something neat like that. I'll bet the engineers back at the factory are very impressed. I think you should think about getting him his own camera for Christmas.

Shannon said...

Oh, yeah... those pics are WAY better than cute kid pics