Flashback Friday 11.28.08

WOW, I almost missed Flashback Friday. Today we are going to 2005. Gavin was one. Yesterday was Gavin's BIRTHDAY. He was FOUR. Yep, Thanksgiving and a birthday, we had a VERY busy day. I can hardly believe my baby boy is a big boy four. Though if you are a regular to my blog you know that this little boy thinks his is big an wise beyond his years. I remember looking at Gavin in the hospital and telling Owen that this baby has an old soul. He has proved me right time and time again. He seems to think he is an old man trapped in a now 4 year old body. Let me tell you he keeps me on my toes. And I love him very much.

Happy Birthday, BIG BOY.

For more photo fun head over to Candid Carrie's.


Z's Mom said...

Oh....he's a cutie!!!!

Happy Birthday, Owen!!!

Shannon said...

Look at those big blue eyes... gorgeous!

Hope he had a fun birthday! :)

Lynn said...

Happy birthday to your big boy! Four years old -- what a fun, adventurous age :)