Park N Play

This Sunday when we got home from church, we found some aunts and uncles had come to visit. Heidi and her friend Megan, as well as, John and Nicole. So we all went to the park play, dogs too. All the kids played tennis. They took turns on the swings and played ball with the dogs. We are so lucky to have family that lives close and just drops by because they want to spend time with our family. Every time someone visits I think how blessed my kids are to have such close relationships with their aunts and uncles. Sometimes I am even jealous because I think that they love them more than me, but I know that is only because they are more fun.


Train Fun

This Saturday we all went for a train ride. There is a new fast commuter train that is running from Salt Lake to Ogden. It was free for vendors who worked on getting it ready. The trains
are the double decker kind, so of course, we road up on top. It was fun to see how much faster you could get to Aunt Heidi's, though this time we didn't get off. The train makes about five or six stops between here and Ogden. I think once Jared is a little older I would let him ride to Layton so he could spend the weekend. The kids had a great time standing up while it was going and acting like the were surfing. Jared spent the second half of the trip talking my cell phone with is cousin Taylor giving her a play by play and letting her hear the train' s whistle. All in all a fun & free Saturday adventure.


Big Brother Gavin & Cute Sabrina

So these are some cute picture I took the other day while I was in here working on the computer. Sabrina know that if she just flashes her smile I get all gooey inside and pay attention to her. Gavin cannot resist the urge to come in a love on her if she is doen on the floor. He will just walk over and start kissing her. He tells her he loves her and the he thinks she is beautiful. If she by chance starts to fuss because she is done sitting in her chair, Gavin begins to sing her name in a song he has made up to her to get her to stop until I am ready to pick her up. I am going to have to find a way to try to get that on video.


Grandpa Phillips & Sabrina

Great Grandpa Phillips was sitting on the couch talking to Sabrina. Funny thing was she was talking back at him like she knew exactly what he was talking about. I am so thankful that Grandpa has been around to see all of our children. I know not every child can say that they know and have a relationship with a great grandparent. My kids love being able to go to Grandpa Phillips especially when it is warm and they get to ride motorcycle. They also look forward to the reunion every summer.


Hanging out at Stephanie's

This weekend we went to Preston to Samantha's blessing. After it was such a beautiful day that we were able to all hang outside and be in the sunshine. It makes me glad that spring is here. It means that we are more likely to make the drive up north just to be able to hang out. Also it means that summer is just around the corner which means longer than an overnight trip. My kids just love seeing their cousins.
It was even warm enough that uncle Kory let everyone have Popsicles. They ate them while they were playing a game of SWAP. A new card game that Hayden loves.

Cameron spent most of the day spinning Gavin. He would spin him so fast his pants would fall down, then he would try to stand up but be sooo dizzy he fall to the ground giggling. When he could finally get up he would walk like he had one to many drinks. Needless to say a great time was had by all.


Jared's Picture Taking

So Jared took the camera the other day and was taking pictures. I normally don't like pictures of myself but thought this one with Sabrina was alright. Man she has big eyes, I don't know where she gets them from.
When I downloaded the camera there were a few surprises. This one Jared took of himself. Not bad, I think. He has started loosing his little boy look. He defiantly looks like a Phillips. I think the only thing he got from me his the color of his eyes.


Getting ready for Jason

Owen went shopping at the DI (for those of you that don't know it is a thrift store) and came home with camouflage clothes for everyone. They were all excited because now they had something to wear when Jason comes home from Iraq. Gavin asks almost every day if this is the day Jason comes home. I am glad that I have only about a month left of this question. We all will feel better when he is home. Though Jason may want to run away from home the way that my kids are going to be loving on him. That is if Aunt Heidi will share him.


Crocs in the tub

Yes, Gavin is wearing is crocs in the tub. Why?? Because Jason said they help you float. That and they were dirty, of coarse. Now for all of this weirdness I also learned this weekend that Gavin knows his letters. See he was eating a package of alpha-bet cookies at the counter and talking to himself. Well I sat down next to him to listen and he was pointing to a cookie and saying the letter. I stopped him and I started pointing to the cookies at random asking him to tell me what letter was on the cookie and he knew them ALL. Needless to say my 3 year old floored me. Watch out Hayden it looks like there is another super bright child in the family.


My Beautiful Girl

We curled Jillian's hair for school pictures. I can hardly believe how big she is getting. I tell her that one of my favorite things about her are the cute freckles across her nose. I also tell her that they are her angel kisses and boy the angels must love her. She also has her Auntie Meghan's eyelashes, long and swoopy. It is nice that she can be girly yet loves to play rough and tumble with the boys. Uncle Peter said that she was an awesome goalie in soccer this weekend.


Sabrina & Sophia

This is a picture of Sabrina and her friend Sophia. Sophia is only 6 days older than Sabrina. Before yesterday I was thinking that Sabrina was getting big, boy was I wrong. I guess everything is perspective. Sabrina is getting bigger only in relation to herself just not in relation in to a normal 3 month old baby. Also I was thinking that Sabrina had a good amount of hair but again next to Sophia she looks bald. Sophia is Kobe and Ana's little girl and she definitely has her Daddy's hair. We are so glad that she is going to girls to play with.


we can eat together as a family. We have moved the dining room over by the fireplace so that everyone can get around the table without bumping into either the bar or the doors. This may seem like a small thing but it has been years since Owen and the kids and I have had enough room or chairs to be able to sit together and eat. This table has a leaf so that we can have family over for a meal as well. Also this table is ready for a game of Hearts or Shang-Hi.