A sPRinG DaY

This weekend we had a nice day between all of the storms we have been getting. We took advantage of it and went to the park for the first time this spring. It is nice to see the kids running around and playing together. I love watching Sabrina experience the swing and the slide again. I am not sure she remembers much from last year. She loved the swing. She also just loves when the wind blows her hair.


Flashback Friday 3*27*09

Stollers and kids to the beach in California in April of 2006. Looking back makes me get excited for our trip coming up to California. This picture was from Gavin's first time at the beach. This time he will get to play in the waves (if it is warm enough) with the rest of the big kids
and it will be Sabrina's tum to sit in the stroller or maybe the sand.

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I just wanted to take a moment to look back on the past year. One year ago I started this to help family and friends keep up with what is going on here on the planet Utah and see what is going on in our daily lives. From the fun to the mundane. Hope you have fun looking back at a few of our old posts.

The Beginning

Train Fun

How mom gets a shower


Family Time

I hope you have fun looking a just a few of the more than 200 posts I have done in the past year. Feel free to do some looking back of your own. And thanks for coming by to see what we are up to.



So later the same day Jared got his award I came upstairs and he was in the bathroom playing with the MOP we call his hair. Yep, it is long enough for him to put in a pony, samurai style.
He really didn't want me to take a picture of it. He knew I was doing it for the blog. As you can see, we were fighting over the camera as I was trying to get a good photo. Then I had to run and hide the camera so he could not delete what I got. See the lengths that I go to keep things entertaining around here.


We have a CEO

That's a Chief Example to Others. It is a pretty big deal. One kid from each class gets it once a month. It means that Jared's teacher thinks he is a great kid. Which we already knew but, it is nice when others notice and give them a piece of paper telling them so. Also, he got a free day a Classic Skating. Now he just wants to know when we can take him.


Spring in Utah

This weekend it was 72 degrees and sunny the kids were wearing shorts and asking to be able to get out swimming suits.

This morning we woke and saw this. YUP, snow. And as of yet it hasn't stopped.
Oh, well the nice warm weather was nice while it lasted. Sadly this is typical of spring here in Utah. They always say if you don't like the weather just wait 5 minutes and it will change.


Flashback Friday 3*20*09

Only a year. But what a year it has been. This is Sabrina at 3 months, just last march. Now she is starting to talk, walking when she wants and already getting her big brothers and sister to do what she wants. I have said it before I NEVER imagined I would be a mom to FIVE kids but I just can't see a world without my Sabrina Rose in it.

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Anyone can be hero


I know that this is normally a keeping up with the family place. But the other night on the ABC evening news I saw a piece on this organization. I think it is AMAZING and worth sharing. I often feel overwhelmed by the new lately and there is so much need I don't feel there is anything I can do. This site people put up all kinds of wishes for things that are wanted and thing that are needed for themselves and for other. You can look at the wishes and see if you can help. It ranges from the small, like a child wish for a toy, to the large help paying the rent or collage tuition. If you think you can help even a little you for to grant the wish or partial wish. That's it.

Today I help grant 2 wishes. I am giving away things I would have take to the DI (goodwill) anyway. All it is gong to cost me is a little postage and I have made a difference in someone life who really needed it.

Take a moment to take a look. Wish Upon A Hero


Here we go again

This cute girl spent at least 2 hours just crying and screaming at me this morning. Also, I have changed her bed very night for the last 4 nights. I decided it had to be something more than her just growing those oh so painful molars. Glad I listened to that mommy intuition she has 2 ear infections AGAIN. It hasn't even been 40 days since the last ear infection so we get to straight to the stronger antibiotic. Hopefully this is not the beginning of a pattern.


hAppY BirTHdAy UNclE KoREy

Today is Uncle Korey's Day. I hope that he got to have some time off from work and had some extra special family time. We love you and the boys are looking forward to some time to maybe finally learn how to fish. I don't know if you would be willing to teach them but I know they would be will to learn. We hope all your birthday wishes come true.


Ipod Girl

So do you think that 1 is to young to be into an Ipod? Sabrina was hanging out with her favorite uncle and he knows how much she loves music. It just cracks me up that she already knows what to do with the headphones. Also, at one she already has better rhythm than her big brother Jared.

If you want to hear the audio on the video don't forget to pause the music down on the sidebar.


Spring Sleding

These are a perfect depiction of spring here. A foot and a half of snow one day, 60 degrees the next. We went to Heidi's and the kids and Jason found a patch of snow to sled on. They had a blast even if their clothes did get trash. Oh, did I forget to mention the MUD that was just below the patch of snow. Of course, this was the ONE time I didn't bring the kids a change of clothes because we weren't going to be there long and I didn't want any of the kids to think that they were going to be spending the night. Because someone ALWAYS talks them into staying the night. Don't worry there is always next time.


Flashback Friday 3*13*09

California dreaming. October 2005 playing at Bob and Cathy's pool. It is amazing how fast Jared has grown in the 3 and half years. My oldest is minutes away from being a teenager. The kids go off track in 2 week. I am really longing for some family time in the sun. Hoping that Jen will let us come hang out at her pool after her vacation.

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hAppY BiRthDay NAna

It is hard to believe all that has happened since your last birthday. It is going to be hard to beat. But I hope that this year is a good. Wish we could all be there to celebrate. We love you. Have a great day.


The things kids say

Last night we were driving home from visiting with family in Park City. From the very back of the van we hear...

Jillian: Dad did you just hit a skunk or is that really bad smell YOU?

Needless to say Owen and I were laughing way to hard to give her an answer. FYI, it was a skunk but Owen has been know to be that toxic.


Flashback Friday 3.6.09

Flashing back to Spring of 2006. We had cousins living with us and cousins in for a visit. Jillian was in heaven having MORE girls in the house than boys. She really wishes that everyone lived closer. Actually I think we are all ready for a trip to California. Miss you guys!!!

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I'm not really beating up my brother. And so what if my hair looks like I stuck my finger in a light socket.

The kids were playing on the trampoline and Jared's hair had just a touch of static. I took this picture from my bedroom window. When I looked out I was laughing so hard at his hair I could not even tell Owen, he had to come over to see what was so funny.


He must be comfortable...

in his new bed. Gavin is back to his sleeping antics. That is his HEADBOARD at his feet and he is using his pillows as his blanket. Yep, one night he had surrounded himself with ALL of his friends. For what reason I am really unsure. My theory is that he doesn't like sleeping alone.


haPPy BirTHdAy AshToN!!

Happy 6th birthday to Ashton!! We hope that all your birthday wishes come true.