Checking in with the Byars

So Owen stopped by Heidi's after he picked up Jared from Steph. And Heidi and Jason were being busy bees. They were painting the living room now that they have have taken out the wall. Jared even got to get up on they scaffolding to help. I was surprised to see that Jason was letting Heidi up on it. But we all know how bossy she is.

Heidi may kill me for posting the last picture but I was sure that people were wanting to see how she is coming along. She is officially more than half way there. I think she is looking GREAT!! Though I think she my need to break down and get some maternity things. I can not wait to take her shopping. Maybe I can talk her into it if I bribe her with Cheesecake Factory.

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Danean said...

I love the lack of shirts! This must be the macho way to paint!!