Owen's favorite hairdo

This is what Sabrina looks like when we take her hair down from my favorite hairdo. We lovingly call her "Bozo". Owen just loves the way she looks. It brings and extra large smile on his face, especially when he has missed putting her to bed and he goes in to get her up in the morning and the only thing bigger than her hair is her smile.
By the way, please notice her control of the TV remote. Do you think it is wrong if your 1 year old totally knows how to use it and even points it at the TV to make it work?? Yeah, maybe I watch just a little to much TV.


"The Queen in Residence" said...

What a cutie and knowing how to work the remote is a good thing. Just wait till she can program TiVo for you and text daddy all at the age of 2. These kids are geniuses at technology.

Jennifer said...

Too cute. My kids learned the power of the remote around that age too. I also had a couple of old remotes I'd let them play with. Of course with that came little tricks that had them thinking they did have control of the TV.

I found you through BATW. I too have a little girl Sabrina. She can do the same banana trick. Here checks are always stuffed if I'm not watching.