Hanging with the Owens

This weekend we took a quick trip up to visit Stephanie, Korey and the kids. We had spaghetti for dinner. Isn't their table cool, it is so big we had ALL the kids eating at once. For those of you that don't know that is their 5 (Sam was in the highchair) and my five plus Owen. That is 11 kids eating at once in that booth. Korey made cheesecake for dessert, YUM.
Then the grownups got to play Shanghi. Steph and Korey both sandbagged a hand a piece. I am thinking they had a secret strategy. Steph was in the lead for most of the game but Korey pulled out the win in the last hand. I think it has been way to long since Owen played the game because he seemed to be playing for highest points instead of the other way around. HEHE.
The next morning the kids even got out the board games to play together. Only because we finally made them turn of their electronic games.
The girls did brave the cold to have Korey take them sledding. At their house, since there is not a hill in site, this is done by attaching the sled to a LONG rope tied to the bummer of a truck and then pulled around the field. I forgot to take picture of it. The girls were giggling and having a blast though and only came inside half frozen. All in all everyone had a good weekend.

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mommytoalot said...

Cute blog..
i'll be back
what a fun family you have