15 months and growing

I can hardly believe Sabrina is 15 months. The saying time flies doesn't even begin to cover it. We went for her check up to day and her current size stats are: height 28 inches and weight 15 pounds. Yep, one pound for every month of her life. Yes, she is small or should I say petite. She is almost a full pound and a half to two pounds smaller than the rest of my kids. And as you all know the rest were not giants by any means. All that said she is healthy and beautiful.

She is also walking 75% of the time now. Which is fun. It means that by the time summer get here she will be able to wear the closet full of dresses that she has gotten from her cousins. Also it means that I can stop mopping the floor every other day and do it once a week like a normal mom. She is also talking more and using signs to tell us what she wants. She LOVES her siblings. It is so cute to watch them snuggle and carry her. She loves going outside and playing with the big kids, especially on the trampoline. What a blessing our Sabrina Rose is.

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Shelle-BlokThoughts said...

WOW...she is petite...I love all those candid shots!!! :)