Beaching it

One sunny almost warm day and it was straight to the beach. We explored a new beach that was sort of close to Jen's. There are not many pictures of the big kids because they would not stop playing in the water long enough for me to get one. Sorry MEGHAN. They had a great time, me I spend the afternoon worrying they were going to get knocked over by a wave and drown. Gavin has NO FEAR. He would be knocked over and get right back up for more. Again giving me heart palpitations. Sabrina does NOT like the sand at all. That is way she is hold up her foot and making that face. She kept trying to pick each grain from in between her toes. What a girl, I guess.

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Tabi said...

Sounds like me, being worried the whole time while everyone else has no worries!
They do look like they had fun though!