It is hard to see how windy it was but they were really having fun making bubbles. The only thing was the bubble were flying away so fast they little kids didn't get to pop them. But it sure funny watching them try.


CynthiaK said...

Oh, my goodness the weather looks sooooo nice there! Sigh.

Your kids are adorable. I think I say that every time I post a comment here. But seriously, those are some majorly cute children.

Thanks for the last minute dinner solution (McDs!!) on Crumbs. It's tough sometimes, isn't it?! I think my next post might be a Super Easy and Quick recipe exchange for us busy moms!

Have a great weekend!

Kelly said...

Bubbles are so much fun. Jack is currently really into them and not into the phase where he wants to do it himself....you know, the eating soap phase?