Eggs, Easter and COUSINS!!!!

We arrived in California just in time to share some eggtastic fun with our cousins. Saturday the kids were able to go to Jen's ward egg hunt. It was COLD and windy but the kids had a blast. Other than Sabrina, it was so cold, she was shivering so hard, she couldn't even move. So, her and I went to sit in the van to eat animal crackers. Good thing we had the video camera I got to watch the other kids having fun later.

Sunday, we made sure the kids remember the real meaning of Easter. We went to church all NINE kids and adults were ready on time. An Easter miracle, if I do say so myself. Jen also made a GREAT dinner. The Bunny doesn't come to Jen and Brett's till Monday so that the kids understand the difference. But as you can see nobody cared and they got to have the best of both worlds.

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