Orange Belt

Hayden is now an orange belt. Doesn't he look proud. Any parent who is about letting a kids get in to a martial art should do it. It has been great for Hayden. It really suits his individual puzzle minded nature. It has a lot helped bring his temper into control. Also, his teacher even noticed changes, not that Hayden was ever really a problem kid. I am hoping to be able to watch the video of him doing his test a little later his weekend I might even try and post a clip.

More than anything I am happy with his success and very proud of his accomplishment.


Flashback Friday 2.27.09

This is a picture of my Grandpa Muskat, I am guessing from the last 1960's. He was sailing on his beloved boat, the Almost Moses. He passed away a couple of years ago. Hayden had to do an oral report on his favorite Grandparent and he chose Papa 'Skat. I love that my kids have wonderful memories of their GREAT grandfather. They talk about him quite often. Thanks to my mom for sending me this picture so he could use it for his report. Also, I am planning on making a copy and putting it up on our Family photo wall. I just love this photo. Grandpa quit smoking his pipe when I was about 5 but, when I see this picture I can smell it and the wintergreen Certs he use to always eat.

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Her Father's Girl

Yep, Sabrina has spent the last half hour on her toes watching the guys in the mini-dirt mover working. She has been yelling at them as well, I think she is giving them instructions from a far. Just like her daddy she seems to love working machines. His favorite is the big CAT Digger up at his dad's. I think he likes reliving his boyhood time in the sandbox, just on a bigger scale.


Putting her to work

Okay not really. But she sure thinks she is being helpful while I am trying to load the dishwasher she is pulling things out. The only thing that is worse is when Sabrina "helps" with the laundry. She loves to throw the clean laundry that I have just finished folding out of the basket and on to the floor.

Please forgive how homely she looks she just got up from a nap.


Thinking SPRING!!

Tonight we had family home evening. The weather has been springish (yeah I know that isn't a real word) and Owen is getting the itch to get his hands dirty. He decided that he was going to start some tomatoes from seed. He enlisted the kids for help. I think that they all were having fun with minimal fighting. I will keep you all posted on how things are growing.


Flashback Friday 2.20.09

November 2004, the kids first look at their new brother Gavin. I love the looks on both Hayden and Jillian's face. I miss Jillian's pudgy baby finger and cheeks. It looks as though Gavin is sticking his tongue at his siblings which, as you know, is something he would totally to now.

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HaPPy BirThDaY SaMAntHa!!!

Today is Sammy's 1st birthday. This is my favorite picture of her from this summer. Sammy is just 7 weeks younger than Sabrina and I am so happy that she has a cousin that is so close in age. She also lives close enough for us to see on a regular basis. This weekend Sam was teaching Sabrina how to walk. I think the lessons went well becuase she is walking more and more and I am hoping she will give up crawling and day now.

Happy Birthday sweet girl hope you enjoy your tubby toys


Checking in with the Byars

So Owen stopped by Heidi's after he picked up Jared from Steph. And Heidi and Jason were being busy bees. They were painting the living room now that they have have taken out the wall. Jared even got to get up on they scaffolding to help. I was surprised to see that Jason was letting Heidi up on it. But we all know how bossy she is.

Heidi may kill me for posting the last picture but I was sure that people were wanting to see how she is coming along. She is officially more than half way there. I think she is looking GREAT!! Though I think she my need to break down and get some maternity things. I can not wait to take her shopping. Maybe I can talk her into it if I bribe her with Cheesecake Factory.


When your 4 year old...

cuts his own hair AGAIN. Let his siblings give him a haircut.
(Dad was in charge...Mom was with Jared letting a professional cut his hair)


Hanging with the Owens

This weekend we took a quick trip up to visit Stephanie, Korey and the kids. We had spaghetti for dinner. Isn't their table cool, it is so big we had ALL the kids eating at once. For those of you that don't know that is their 5 (Sam was in the highchair) and my five plus Owen. That is 11 kids eating at once in that booth. Korey made cheesecake for dessert, YUM.
Then the grownups got to play Shanghi. Steph and Korey both sandbagged a hand a piece. I am thinking they had a secret strategy. Steph was in the lead for most of the game but Korey pulled out the win in the last hand. I think it has been way to long since Owen played the game because he seemed to be playing for highest points instead of the other way around. HEHE.
The next morning the kids even got out the board games to play together. Only because we finally made them turn of their electronic games.
The girls did brave the cold to have Korey take them sledding. At their house, since there is not a hill in site, this is done by attaching the sled to a LONG rope tied to the bummer of a truck and then pulled around the field. I forgot to take picture of it. The girls were giggling and having a blast though and only came inside half frozen. All in all everyone had a good weekend.



I saw on the new last night In-n-Out will be opening in Draper this summer. YIPPEEE!!! Now what reason will I have to go to California. Oh yeah, family and El Torasco.


How my son watches TV

I know it might be hard to tell but, that is Gavin sitting inside a reusable grocery bag, which is sitting on my coffee table in the living room.

This is how I found him watching TV this morning while I was getting dressed. I really don't know what more to say.


HaPPy BirTHdAY JohN!!

YEP!!! today is John's birthday. Hayden was born a short 20 minutes early otherwise they would have gotten to share their birthday's. I remember John was the first family member to be at the hospital to see Hayden and he asked me why I didn't wait those 20 minutes. Owen says you should have seen the look I gave him.

John we don't get to see you nearly enough even though you only live a short distance away. I hope you know how much we all love you and how proud we are for all that you have accomplished in the past few years.

May all your birthday wishes come true.



Today Hayden is 9. It just seems as though time is speeding up the older the kids get. This picture is about 4 years old. Look, he still has his baby teeth. But his spirit and disposition have hardly changed. He is still my puzzle master. He loves building things with his Lego's and his mags. He is the one who I see a lot of myself in. He LOVES to read. I love catching him spending his time with his nose in a book, just like me, and his headphones on. He is also a fiend for his music. He is so tender with Sabrina, his eyes just light up when he sees her each day.



As of now EVERY kid has their very own room. They all have minimal decorating and stuff at the moment. But at least they all have their own space for what ever they want and when they need a break from each other. Or when the need arises that I need a break from them.


Friday Flashback 02.07.09

Going back to April 2006, this is Hayden dressed up for his "What I want to be when I grow-up" day when he was in Kindergarten. He wanted to be a house builder like uncle John. the thing is that is still what he wants to be when he grows up. Hopefully this summer he will get to go spend the night at uncle John's and go to work.

I love the goofy toothless grin, the cock of his head and his "daddy" stance. He is even hold his much needed blue prints.

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Monkey See Monkey Do

Yep, that is my 13 month old brushing her teeth with her big brother this morning. Yep, she got up on the stool all by herself. No, she could not figure out how to get down. Now if she would only stopping teasing me and start walking.
*please ignore the fingerprint covered mirror it is on the list of things to be cleaned.


Owen's favorite hairdo

This is what Sabrina looks like when we take her hair down from my favorite hairdo. We lovingly call her "Bozo". Owen just loves the way she looks. It brings and extra large smile on his face, especially when he has missed putting her to bed and he goes in to get her up in the morning and the only thing bigger than her hair is her smile.
By the way, please notice her control of the TV remote. Do you think it is wrong if your 1 year old totally knows how to use it and even points it at the TV to make it work?? Yeah, maybe I watch just a little to much TV.


You know your a parent when

your Super Bowl party consists of a bunch of neighborhood kids.

Yeah, I know the picture isn't great but I thought it was so funny what we have turned into. As you all know Owen likes his football and we have been know to have a crowd for the Super Bowl. But I guess this is the reality at least for a little while. It was a slight mad house but everyone had fun and the BIG kids, I mean grown ups, were glad the game wasn't a blow out.