Look!!! Sabrina's hair is long enough for piggies!!! She is also walking all the time so it is hard to get her to hold still for me to get a cute picture. Her second favorite past time is feeding her Piggie or putting money in her bank. I am almost out of loose change to keep her happy. She also like to have a say in what she get to wear for the day. I give her 2 choices and she picks. It is very cute because I can switch the out fits around and she will pick the same one.


Here fishy fishy

You would think that our kids would not be that enthralled by fish. I mean we have dozens of them out in the pond. But, as you can see, Heidi and Jason's one itty bitty fish was a big hit. The three we had with us were all on the counter wanting their turn feeding him.

By the way, like how the girls had their hair done the same??? Jilli was thrilled. As Sabrina is getting bigger the more she wants them to be alike.


Happy Birthday Heidi

Heidi wanted her basement DESTROYED for her birthday and Owen was more than happy to give her EXACTLY what she wanted. Okay, what she really wants is a bathroom but that is going to take some time. As usual nothing is and easy as it seems. Owen and Peter spent the weekend playing find the sewer line. I took the photo of the floor at the end of day one. By the end of day two there was so MUCH exhaust fumes I didn't dare go down to take more photos but imagine way more giant holes in the foundation floor.
By the way do you like the chaps and head gear Owen was wearing. SEXY, right.


Trampoline + Toddler =



What makes me smile

Thanks to Jen my toes are happy and CUTE. She sent me out to get a pedicure while she watched ALLL NINE of the kids. To be fair 3 to 4 were napping and the rest were playing in the spa. But still it was nice to have a break and a moment or two for myself. Every time I look at my feet I smile and think of Jen. Next time you are here I will do the same for you, though I know you would more likely go to the temple than have your toes done.
thanks again


Cute spider kids

Jen took this picture of the kids while we at the park. We had such a fun time in California. Jillian is going through cousin withdrawal. Good thing the kids are back in school. This week is going to be hard to get back into the swing of thing but. I will be glad to have at least a little time with only one kid in the house. Not that I don't love them but sometimes this mom needs a BREAK.


California Wet and Wild

Finally yesterday was warm enough to heat up the pool and go swimming. And as you can see the kids we LOVIN' it. We could hardly get them out to eat. I did a fairly good job with the sun block just a few pink noses but that's alright because they just match their pink eyes. As you can imagine every one slept very well last night. The kids are begging to stay one more day so they can do it ALLL again.


Flashback Friday 4*17*09

Uncle Brett feeding Jillian to the Shark in the summer of 2006. They were visiting us in Utah that summer. We are having so much fun here I am hoping for lots of great pictures from this trip. Not blogging as much as I want but I should have lots of stuff to share later.

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It is hard to see how windy it was but they were really having fun making bubbles. The only thing was the bubble were flying away so fast they little kids didn't get to pop them. But it sure funny watching them try.


Beaching it

One sunny almost warm day and it was straight to the beach. We explored a new beach that was sort of close to Jen's. There are not many pictures of the big kids because they would not stop playing in the water long enough for me to get one. Sorry MEGHAN. They had a great time, me I spend the afternoon worrying they were going to get knocked over by a wave and drown. Gavin has NO FEAR. He would be knocked over and get right back up for more. Again giving me heart palpitations. Sabrina does NOT like the sand at all. That is way she is hold up her foot and making that face. She kept trying to pick each grain from in between her toes. What a girl, I guess.



Eggs, Easter and COUSINS!!!!

We arrived in California just in time to share some eggtastic fun with our cousins. Saturday the kids were able to go to Jen's ward egg hunt. It was COLD and windy but the kids had a blast. Other than Sabrina, it was so cold, she was shivering so hard, she couldn't even move. So, her and I went to sit in the van to eat animal crackers. Good thing we had the video camera I got to watch the other kids having fun later.

Sunday, we made sure the kids remember the real meaning of Easter. We went to church all NINE kids and adults were ready on time. An Easter miracle, if I do say so myself. Jen also made a GREAT dinner. The Bunny doesn't come to Jen and Brett's till Monday so that the kids understand the difference. But as you can see nobody cared and they got to have the best of both worlds.


Flashback Friday 4*10*09

Getting ready for Easter 2006. Hayden looks like he really wants his picture taken, huh??? This was a toothless grin. I love the pictures of the kids as their smiles are changing. I cannot wait to to eggs this year with Jen, Brett and their kids. It will be last minute, we won't get there til Saturday, but it is going to be so much fun getting to spend the holiday with them.

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So do you think...

This child
and this child are related??? There really has to be something in their genetics. Owen has always loved this picture of Jared's money face. Now I know why I love that new picture of Sabrina. Also I know why she just makes me laugh when she gives me that look. She also pretty much gets what she wants. Oh boy, am I in trouble.


15 months and growing

I can hardly believe Sabrina is 15 months. The saying time flies doesn't even begin to cover it. We went for her check up to day and her current size stats are: height 28 inches and weight 15 pounds. Yep, one pound for every month of her life. Yes, she is small or should I say petite. She is almost a full pound and a half to two pounds smaller than the rest of my kids. And as you all know the rest were not giants by any means. All that said she is healthy and beautiful.

She is also walking 75% of the time now. Which is fun. It means that by the time summer get here she will be able to wear the closet full of dresses that she has gotten from her cousins. Also it means that I can stop mopping the floor every other day and do it once a week like a normal mom. She is also talking more and using signs to tell us what she wants. She LOVES her siblings. It is so cute to watch them snuggle and carry her. She loves going outside and playing with the big kids, especially on the trampoline. What a blessing our Sabrina Rose is.


HaPPy BiRthDAy NicOLe

Happy Day to almost Aunt Nicole. Though ALLL of my kids already know that you are their aunt even if you aren't official. You have been around way to long for them to think any other way. So I guess you are stuck with us even if you change your mind about John. We hope that you have a wonderful and special day. We love you!!!


Diva Girl

Jillian had a Diva birthday party to go to yesterday. To say she was excited would be and understatement. She took a bath at 2pm, had her make-up and hair done by 3 and was driving me nuts for the next 2 and a half hours til it was party time. She must have asked me if it was time every 5 minutes. She had the BEST time so I guess it was worth it in the end though.