Class Of 2020

Yes class of 2020. Does that freak anyone else out? Though it is one of the coolest graduating years. I can not believe that Jillian is done with kindergarten. She was so good in today's program. Though you can not tell from the pictures my daughter is the least ladylike in the group. I guess that is what happens when you have big brothers. She has grown up so much in this last year. She is reading and doing math. She also can change diapers. That we found out when Daddy left Hayden had baby sitting. Actually, they tag team the diaper change. The two of them are a pretty good team when they want to be. Jillian is also really good at hanging out and playing with Gavin. She is my biggest helper and also ready to what needs to be done so that we can have fun. She is fearless, what ever Jared does she does as well sometime better and faster. Though don't tell Jared I said that, because I will deny it. So, Jilli-bean, congratulations on the first of you may accomplishments.


Massey Family said...

I can't believe how old she is getting, she is beautiful. Congrats Jillian!

Sidney said...

Found your blog through Candid Carrie. Your kids are beautiful! I have my first graduating in 2010, and my last in 2020. One of my first posts was of my son's kinder graduation. Very bittersweet!

Meg said...

Mazel Tov! May this be the first of many graduations for Jilli. Maybe she'll like graduating as much as I do!!