Wii Play

Okay so it is hard to tell from the pictures but the new Wii Fit board is a blast. I said that I was buying for the kids but the truth is I really wanted it. And yes, the kids have to fight me to get to play on it. I am even better at some of the games than they are. Not bad for Mom. I have never been one to play video games but this thing is addictive. It says that it will help improve your fitness. Let's hope so because as of now it is just helping to keep track of the weight that I am not loosing. But we have only had a a few days guess I need to be a little patient. Yes, I am part of the "me" generation and want instant result and instant gratification. Oh by the way, Peter is walking on a tight rope and holding his arms out for better balance.


Hucks in the Hood said...

We got one too... and I hold the crown for advanced hula-hooping! Love it!

Carrie said...

Sure, Wii Fit and a box of wheat thins on the coffee table. Looks like my house, too.