SO just how skinny is Jillian???

Okay so today I looked at Jilli and noticed that she had on her brother's shorts. "Which brother?", you ask. GAVIN. Now as if that wasn't funny enough when I turned her around to look at the tag to see if they were in fact Gavin's shorts, I saw that they were (okay wait for it) a size 18months. Yes, you read that right my 6 and half year old daughter was wear a toddlers 18 months size shorts. And here is the kicker they fit her just fine. They didn't look to small nor were they were not tight in the butt. As you have probably her me say before she has no butt. Which you can see by the bunches of fabric in the above photo. Yes, Nana she has your body and Auntie Meghan's temperament. Man I love that girl but boy do I hate trying to buy her pants.

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Anonymous said...

just leave her naked