Friday Foto Finish Fiesta

SO I was reading one of the blogs that I like to visit (http://carriestuckmann.blogspot.com/ ) and she said to share a favorite photo. I chose this one of Gavin because after the week he has had I needed to remember when I didn't want to kill him. He is all of three and decided that he didn't like living with me any more so he was going to run away. Now he decided this while I was on the phone with Owen and I thought he was in the kitchen eating with his big sister. Jillian came in and said,"Gavin ran away, again but not up the street like earlier and I don't know where he is." Calm mom that I am I loaded up the baby and Jillian and started driving to the neighbors house he like to play at. She lives three streets away. I found him halfway there. HE laughed at me when he saw me coming. NOT a good idea to laugh at the mom who is trying to remember that you are only three and not thirteen so I can not ground you for life yet. Needless to say he was sent to his room for long enough that the only way he could pass time was to take a nap. which was probably a good idea for both of us. So Carrie thanks for helping me remember I really do love the booger and maybe I should let him live to see age 4.


Carrie said...

Oh, that's adorable ... looks like the hair from baby chicks on top of his head. Thanks for playing along!

Judy Haley said...

Aw - I love the hair.

When I was little I announced to my mom that I was going to run away. She made me wait while she made a sandwich for me.

By the time she made the sandwich, I had already forgotten about running away.

Teri said...

My youngest (at 3) used to run away every now and then. He would head off on the side walk, pouting and complaining the entire time (all of about 3 minutes). He was never coming back, and he would just use his allowance to get lunch at McDonald's. It was so funny (but I couldnt' tell him that).

Great blog! Found you on Candid Carrie.

Lori said...

That little guy is too cute! Next time he wants to run away, send him to my house.