Sundae Sunday

Okay so we just had ice cream. Owen was remembering when he was a kid, his family would drive to Logan for ice cream on the weekends. So he wanted to take the kids out for a Sunday treat. We had a great family Sunday. I got up and made banana pancakes and sausage. Stephanie don't faint, I actually made a hot breakfast. It may not have been french toast but its a start. We went to church. We had grilled steaks and sat together all of us at the dining room table for dinner and talked about what we had coming up for the next week. We even talked about what meals we could make for dinner later this week. I know it sound like a normal family Sunday. I think that we are finally getting in the groove of our large family. I know you would think that it would have taken us less the six months but oh well. For those of you who are wondering why there is a picture of the chocolate ice cream. That is for Grandma Chris just to let her know that we were thinking of her. Hoping that she will come spend a Sunday with us even if we have to bribe her with a promise of her favorite ice cream.

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