Gavin's Love

As you can see Sabrina was playing in the walker in the hall today while I was doing laundry. Gavin was playing and talking to her . I have my head in the machine and I hear, "Sabrina, I love you as big as the world." I stop poke my head around the door and ask him, "what did you just say???" He looks at me and says, " Mom, I love Sarina as big as the world. That's big right? 'Cause I love her lots." He plops a big kiss on her head and goes to find his other sister so she can put on a kid show for him to watch. I am telling you it was so sweet I thought my swollen heart would pop out of my chest. Then I remembered what a pill he as been lately and my thoughts of selling him to the highest bidder and decided to let that all go and keep him after all. Man living with an independent three year old sure has its ups and downs. Who needs roller coasters when you have one of those living in your home.

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Hatsuho said...

that is soooo cute! I can't believe how much your kids have grown since we lived in your basement :)