Girl's Night Out

Tonight I had my first night out with MY girl's. That's right Jillian, Sabrina and I went to dinner to celebrate Jillian being a 1st grader. I know that this will be the first of many special times I get to spend with my girls. I know that my mom misses and now treasures her times with "her girls". The only thing that made me a little sad was as we were driving to dinner Jillian said, "Mom, you know what would have made tonight even better? If Danean and Emma were here to have girl's night with us." Not a week goes by that she doesn't make a comment about missing the Milligans. All in all we had a great evening.

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Danean said...

I agree with Jilli!! It would have been better with the Milligan's!! Miss you guys a bunch!

Miss Danean and Miss Emma
(Everyone is a Miss or a Mister in the south)