Six Months & Growing

Wow, times flies. Mom is about wanting me to get bigger wanting me to stay a baby. For an update for those that want to know I now weight 12 pounds and am 24 inches long.

Other interesting facts:

  • playing with my toes keeps me well entertained
  • rolling over is a breeze though I don't go from tummy to back if someone is watching
  • thumb sucking only happens if I am very tired and in my car seat
  • Mom can see tooth bumps which explains why I am always chewing on my hands
  • I practically have this sitting on my own down
  • I love to be tossed in the air, it makes me giggle
  • I like to ride in the shopping cart like a big girl, if I am in car seat I get mad and don't let mom finish unless she is carrying me
  • I light up when Hayden gets home from school and tells me about is day
  • I get very chatty when Daddy get home so I can tell him what my day was like
  • Sometimes I sleep for 6 hours at night (from 7pm to 1am)
  • at least two naps a day keeps me a happy girl
  • I sleep best on my tummy
  • I like blowing raspberries at everyone
  • I still like to snuggle with mom, dad will do in a pinch

watch for future posts about how I am growing and changing. I hope Mommy does get to mad at me I used her new computer and us kids aren't suppose to touch but I am way cute so she may forgive me.

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