PuTTinG iT aLL ToGetHeR

** You can pause the music so you can hear the movie. Just hit pause on playlist **

As you can see Gavin is ALL boy. He likes to be helpful. When is it that they go from being helpful to not want to be bothered? Because the big boy (aka Jared and Hayden) were nowhere to be found all day during this project.


Debbie said...

Did I just see a kid using power tools??? I love how the guy in the chair is just sitting there schmoking, chilling, having a coke watching a youngster pick up a power drill. Because you know us mama's would have flown out of the chair screaming "GIVE ME THAT BEFORE YOU HURT YOURSELF." Yup that whole production was all man. So so funny ;)

CarolinaMama said...

I agree with what you said at Debbie's about blogging separate for the children. This is so fun. What a video. Hard working tyke.

Massey Family said...

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