A trip to the mall with cousins

We had most of the big girls cousins in town for the Phillips family reunion. Kelly had just gotten her ears pierced right before coming up. Needless to say the first thing out of Jillian's mouth was "Kelly has her ears done. Why can't I?" Well I told her that Taylor and Alex don't have theirs done. Well then there mom's were we should do them all together. I said they both did it that I would let Jillian do her, too. Alex really wanted hers done but was very afraid so I wasn't sure if Jillian, Kelly and Lauren would be able to talk her into it. It took most of they day and when we were in the mall Alex kept saying she was scared but wanted to. I thought she might back out and I would get to wait till Jillian was eight like I had planned. But as you can see no such luck. Jillian instantly looks older. Every time I look at her it is like see a different girl, but she is very excited to be starting the 1st grade with her ears pierced.

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Massey Family said...

Yeah Jilli!!! I knew you guys couldn't wait till 8. I love it! See you tomorrow morning.