Feeling Usefull

So as a whole most the time as a mom I feel like I have a lot of knowledge that is what others may consider useless mom knowledge. But today when I was in THE toy store, you know the one with the giraffe. I had to go there to get a present for a party this week and only had 2 kids and a 20% off coupon so I thought what the heck. While I was wondering the game isle a nice gentleman asked me for my opinion on games for is grandson. He wanted to know what was worth getting. I knew someday that the things I have learned along the way as a mom would come in handy. While I was talk to the first gentleman and second asked if I knew of any game that were good for adults. I ended up helping several people. It felt so good to be useful even if it was just with useless mom knowledge. The only place that I like to share my useless mom knowledge more is when I am in the baby store. One day I may just have to get a job there to that I can get paid to share mom useless mom knowledge.

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