Jillian's First Full Day of School

Jillian is now officially one of the big kids. She gets to walk to and from school with the boys. She sits at a desk instead of a table in class. She is there ALL day. She gets to buy hot lunch. All this on top of getting her ear done. I would say my big girls is having a big week.

PS thanks Kelly for taking this picture. Jillian didn't want me taking her to school today. Obviously she is to big to need her mom to do that.


Massey Family said...

Your blog looks amazing, you did a really good job. I'm glad Jake and Jillian are in the same class. Jillian is so pretty!!! Joe loved the meatballs Thanks!

Debbie said...

That whole school in July thing isn't registering with me. It's just wrong!!! How does the school year work? When do you move up a grade? When do you take breaks etc?