Boys day at Rattlesnake

We spent the holiday weekend in Idaho at Steph and Kory's. As normal Owen could not keep away from Rattlesnake. I swear I think that mountain has an unnatural pull on the guy. It must remind him of his youth. This time though he took ALL of the boys (except Hayden, he wanted to hang with Alex). As you can see they had a great time. It wasn't all play Grandpa did put them to work. He made them clean out an old trailer he bought to take up the mountain. He also had them mark and water some new trees he planted. Cameron got to drive the Rhino and Jared got a shot a driving the BIG 4-wheeler. On a side note, Cameron not only is looking like a teenager he is sounding like one to, His voice has started to change. I am only his Aunt an I am so not ready to have a teenager in our group.

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Massey Family said...

It looks like you guys are having so much fun. You don't have a very long summer so eat up every minute!