YEAH Family visiting

So this weekend we had lots of cousins come to visit. And only one family had to come. Jen and Brett are up for the family reunion which isn't til next weekend. So they spent this weekend here. Grandma Chris drove home with them so she was here for as night as well. This was the first time that Jen got to meet Jason. The picture of the girls drawing on the trampoline seems like a strange thing to do on the trampoline. Until you know they are making a list of things they wanted to do together while they were here. The list included things like go for a nature walk, sleep on the trampoline, tell scary stories, play in the sprinklers on the trampoline, play Wii, have Popsicles. I am glad to report that they did everything on the list. Jillian was in heaven having the girls out number the boys. She and Kelly were inseparable. Gavin and Brooke are finally old enough that they had a blast playing together. They played hide and go seek . It was so cute.

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