Flaskback Friday #4

This is from the summer of 2005. Three is one of those ages that you dread while you are going through it but when you look back on it in photos it is one of your favorite memories. This is one of those photo that just happened. I love the fact that the Bean has on the boys "KyBoy" hat. Her hair was still damp from taking a tubby and still had that baby curl to it. If I close my eyes I know exactly how she smelled. This was the age that she was always asking "Whobody did that??". If something was out of place, "Whobody moved it??". Even back then she was trailing after the boys trying to get into whatever they were. Something don't change no matter how much they have grown.


Molly said...

She looks gorgeous! I love it when they are young like this, Ned is only 4 and I sort of want to keep him at this age forever because they are so darn cute!

Judy Haley said...

what a cutie!

Shelle said...

My favorite part of that whole post besides the darling picture is the line that says, "If I close my eyes I know exactly how she smelled." Isn't that the truth!!!