Racing Gavin

The only way to get Gavin to go to bed with out a fight is to race him.

Me: "Gavin, I am going to win. Tonight is my night to win."

ZOOOOOM off he goes up the stairs giggling all to way. He races to the potty. Quick like a bunny he bounces into bed. Beating me, again, of course.

Me: "Gavin, how did you get so fast?"

Gavin: " Jesus taught me. He gave me lessons."

Me: "Oh well that explains it"


Massey Family said...

Your Blog looks amazing!!!! Gavin is so dang cute! Thanks for letting your kids come over.

Shelle said...

hahahaha...we do whatever we can to get those few hours to ourselves at night! That is very smart though...I think I might have to try it! lol!