Flashback Friday #5

Hayden enjoying a treat in the summer of 2001. Man, he is a beautiful boy. It is funny to look back at some pictures because you have almost a duel memory. I know that when this photo was taken I thought how big he was getting. Now looking back he was such a baby. I took this photo from a video of that summer. Jared was almost three, Hayden was about 18 months and I was pregnant with Jillian. I was going to have 3 kids, 3 and under. What was I thinking. I guess that was one of those circumstances when ignorance was bliss. Now having 5, those days were easy.


Jennifer said...

Oh wow--what a gorgeous boy!! I totally kwym about being shocked at how little they look in past pics! Even when I look at pics from last simmer I'm surprised at the difference! I had 3 under 3 too!

JWilson said...

I came over from Candid Carries. Wow 3 under 3!!!

I lvoe the super blond hair, it reminds me of my younger brother when he was about that age.

Judy Haley said...

wow - look at those eyes!

beautiful photograph

Meg said...

Is it wrong that he is my favorite?;)