Family and Fireworks

As I said before we were in Idaho for the holiday weekend. Owen and Kory took all of the kids to Lewiston for a home town fireworks show. (Steph and I stayed home with sleeping babies the show didn't start till 10pm) Aren't the pictures what the 4th is about? Laying on your back in the grass watching the lights in the sky with your cousins. You can not buy those kinds of memories.


Massey Family said...

Ok next week we are getting together, the kids can play, you and I will work on our laptops! figure out photo shop. Deal! I went to McDonald's after the temple. Ha ha!

Candid Carrie said...

I was surprised the first time I went to someone else's hometown for fireworks. I thought OOOOH and AAAAH was something unique to my hometown!

Debbie said...

What a great great picture! Thanks for stopping by my blog...I think you have been by a couple of times and I've kept meaning to get over here. I love your blog layout..the colors, the design everything. It is late here, and I'm tired..but I will stop by again!